Duke Asidere on Transcendence and Hope
By: Frank Ugiomoh


Duke Asidere is an artist whose command of form evokes the sensuous in such ways that enchant. His many approaches to the realisation of form notwithstanding, his formal vocabulary seethes with lively sentiments that invigorate aspects of lived reality in the audience; at the same time alluring to identify with. Partly responsible for the above attribution, I dare to suggest, is his disposition as an artist. He invests the common-place with mysterious airs that seem to say; the secrecies of nature are not sophisticated after all; they are within reach and lurking by to be appreciated in the simplicity that clads nature. Hence, in a previous solo exhibition, I called attention to the way Asidere captures ‘truth’ in visual fictions or metaphors that allow an understanding of the principles and the nature of reality so addressed in the themes and titles that obcess him…………

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